To ensure good reproduction of your artwork,
please follow these guidelines:

Convert all type to outlines or include fonts with submission
Extend bleeds 1/8” beyond artboard/document edges
Jpeg, gif and bmp’s which are placed or pasted into eps or ai files are not vector graphics and will not print in a crisp, clear manner

Preferred File Formats: eps | ai | pdf | indd | psd | tif (300 dpi at 100% size)

Artwork must be submitted at actual size of finished product
Submit native/original files if possible
All placed/linked images must be embedded or attached separately
Identify spot colors or cmyk mode
Low-res jpegs or gifs downloaded from the internet are not adequate for print

Promotions | Exhibits | Apparel
Preferred File Formats: eps | ai | vector art
Other Formats: pdf | tif
(300 dpi at 100% size) | high-res jpeg
** In some cases, these formats may not work.



Email (files under 10mb)Email Artwork to Tonbo

Please call for FTP access

For all art submissions, we recommend
including a pdf for reference.